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ICQ2000::AuthAckEvent Class Reference

#include <events.h>

Inheritance diagram for ICQ2000::AuthAckEvent:

ICQ2000::ICQMessageEvent ICQ2000::MessageEvent ICQ2000::Event

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Detailed Description

An Authorisation Acknowledge (success/failure)

Definition at line 505 of file events.h.

Public Types

enum  DeliveryFailureReason {
  Failed, Failed_NotConnected, Failed_ClientNotCapable, Failed_Denied,
  Failed_Ignored, Failed_Occupied, Failed_DND, Failed_SMTP
enum  MessageType {
  Normal, URL, SMS, SMS_Receipt,
  AuthReq, AuthAck, AwayMessage, EmailEx,
  UserAdd, Email, WebPager

Public Member Functions

 AuthAckEvent (ContactRef c, const std::string &msg, bool granted, time_t time)
 AuthAckEvent (ContactRef c, const std::string &msg, bool granted)
 AuthAckEvent (ContactRef c, bool granted, time_t time)
 AuthAckEvent (ContactRef c, bool granted)
ICQMessageEventcopy () const
std::string getAwayMessage () const
ContactRef getContact ()
DeliveryFailureReason getDeliveryFailureReason () const
std::string getMessage () const
unsigned int getSenderUIN () const
time_t getTime () const
MessageType getType () const
bool isDelivered () const
bool isDirect () const
bool isFinished () const
bool isGranted () const
bool isOfflineMessage () const
bool isToContactList () const
bool isUrgent () const
void setAwayMessage (const std::string &msg)
void setDelivered (bool f)
void setDeliveryFailureReason (DeliveryFailureReason d)
void setDirect (bool f)
void setFinished (bool f)
void setOfflineMessage (bool b)
void setTime (time_t t)
void setToContactList (bool b)
void setUrgent (bool b)

Protected Attributes

ContactRef m_contact
 the contact related to the MessageEvent
bool m_delivered
 whether the event was delivered
bool m_direct
 whether the event was sent direct
DeliveryFailureReason m_failure_reason
bool m_finished
 whether the event is finished
time_t m_time

Private Attributes

bool m_granted
std::string m_message

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