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ICQ2000::Client Class Reference

#include <Client.h>

Inherited by WPclient.

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Detailed Description

The main library object. This is the object the user interface instantiates for a connection, hooks up to signal on and has the methods to connect, disconnect and send events from.

Definition at line 74 of file Client.h.

Public Member Functions

void addContact (ContactRef c)
void addInvisible (ContactRef c)
void addVisible (ContactRef c)
 Client (const unsigned int uin, const string &password)
 Client ()
void contactlist_cb (ContactListEvent *ev)
void dc_log_cb (LogEvent *ev)
void dc_messageack_cb (MessageEvent *ev)
void Disconnect (DisconnectedEvent::Reason r=DisconnectedEvent::REQUESTED)
void fetchDetailContactInfo (ContactRef c)
void fetchSelfDetailContactInfo ()
void fetchSelfSimpleContactInfo ()
void fetchServerBasedContactList ()
void fetchSimpleContactInfo (ContactRef c)
bool getBOSServerOverridePort () const
unsigned short getBOSServerPort () const
ContactRef getContact (const unsigned int uin)
ContactList & getContactList ()
bool getInvisible () const
bool getInvisibleWanted () const
string getLoginServerHost () const
unsigned short getLoginServerPort () const
string getPassword () const
unsigned short getPortRangeLowerBound () const
unsigned short getPortRangeUpperBound () const
ContactRef getSelfContact ()
Status getStatus () const
Status getStatusWanted () const
const string & getTranslationMapFileName () const
const string & getTranslationMapName () const
unsigned int getUIN () const
bool getUsePortRange () const
bool getWebAware () const
void ICBMCookieCache_expired_cb (MessageEvent *ev)
void invisiblelist_cb (ContactListEvent *ev)
bool isConnected () const
int isCookieData ()
void Poll ()
void RecvFromServer (const unsigned char *buf, int len)
void RegisterUIN ()
void removeContact (const unsigned int uin)
void removeInvisible (const unsigned int uin)
void removeVisible (const unsigned int uin)
void reqidcache_expired_cb (RequestIDCacheValue *v)
SearchResultEventsearchForContacts (const std::string &keyword)
SearchResultEventsearchForContacts (unsigned int uin)
SearchResultEventsearchForContacts (const string &nickname, const string &firstname, const string &lastname, const string &email, AgeRange age, Sex sex, unsigned char language, const string &city, const string &state, unsigned short country, const string &company_name, const string &department, const string &position, bool only_online)
SearchResultEventsearchForContacts (const string &nickname, const string &firstname, const string &lastname)
void SendEvent (MessageEvent *ev)
void setBOSServerOverridePort (const bool &b)
void setBOSServerPort (const unsigned short &port)
void setInvisible (bool inv)
void setLoginServerHost (const string &host)
void setLoginServerPort (const unsigned short &port)
void setPassword (const string &password)
void setPortRangeLowerBound (unsigned short lower)
void setPortRangeUpperBound (unsigned short upper)
void setStatus (const Status st, bool inv)
void setStatus (const Status st)
bool setTranslationMap (const string &szMapFileName)
void setUIN (unsigned int uin)
void setUsePortRange (bool b)
void setWebAware (bool wa)
virtual void SignalAwayMessageEvent (ICQMessageEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalConnected (ConnectedEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalContactList (ContactListEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalDisconnected (DisconnectedEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalLogE (LogEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalMessageAck (MessageEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalMessaged (MessageEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalNewUIN (NewUINEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalRateEvent (RateInfoChangeEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalSearchResultEvent (SearchResultEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalServerContactEvent (ServerBasedContactEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalStatusChangeEvent (StatusChangeEvent *ev)
virtual void SignalUserInfoChangeEvent (UserInfoChangeEvent *ev)
virtual void SocketConnect (const char *host, int port, int type)
virtual void SocketDisconnect ()
void uploadSelfDetails ()
bool usingDefaultMap () const
void visiblelist_cb (ContactListEvent *ev)
virtual ~Client ()

Private Types

enum  State {

Private Member Functions

void ConnectAuthorizer (State state)
void ConnectBOS ()
void DisconnectAuthorizer ()
void DisconnectBOS ()
void FLAPFooter (Buffer &b, Buffer::marker &mk)
Buffer::marker FLAPHeader (Buffer &b, unsigned char channel)
void FLAPwrapSNAC (Buffer &b, const OutSNAC &snac)
void FLAPwrapSNACandSend (const OutSNAC &snac)
ContactRef getUserInfoCacheContact (unsigned int reqid)
void HandleUserInfoSNAC (UserInfoSNAC *snac)
void Init ()
unsigned int NextRequestID ()
unsigned short NextSeqNum ()
void Parse ()
void ParseCh1 (Buffer &b, unsigned short seq_num)
void ParseCh2 (Buffer &b, unsigned short seq_num)
void ParseCh3 (Buffer &b, unsigned short seq_num)
void ParseCh4 (Buffer &b, unsigned short seq_num)
void PingServer ()
virtual void Send (Buffer &b)
void SendAddICBMParameter ()
void SendAdvancedACK (MessageSNAC *snac)
void SendAuthReq ()
void SendCapabilities ()
void SendCookie ()
bool SendDirect (MessageEvent *ev)
void SendLogin ()
void SendNewUINReq ()
void SendOfflineMessagesACK ()
void SendOfflineMessagesRequest ()
void SendPersonalInfoRequest ()
void SendRateInfoAck ()
void SendRateInfoRequest ()
void SendSetUserInfo ()
void SendViaServer (MessageEvent *ev)
void SendViaServerAdvanced (MessageEvent *ev)
void SendViaServerNormal (MessageEvent *ev)
void SignalConnect ()
void SignalDisconnect (DisconnectedEvent::Reason r)
void SignalLog (LogEvent::LogType type, const string &msg)
void SignalMessage (MessageSNAC *snac)
void SignalMessageACK (MessageACKSNAC *snac)
void SignalMessageOfflineUser (MessageOfflineUserSNAC *snac)
void SignalRateInfoChange (RateInfoChangeSNAC *snac)
void SignalServerBasedContactList (const ContactList &l)
void SignalSrvResponse (SrvResponseSNAC *snac)
void SignalUINRequestError ()
void SignalUINResponse (UINResponseSNAC *snac)
void SignalUserOffline (BuddyOfflineSNAC *snac)
void SignalUserOnline (BuddyOnlineSNAC *snac)

Private Attributes

string m_authorizerHostname
unsigned short m_authorizerPort
string m_bosHostname
bool m_bosOverridePort
unsigned short m_bosPort
unsigned short m_client_seq_num
ContactList m_contact_list
unsigned char * m_cookie_data
unsigned short m_cookie_length
ICBMCookieCache m_cookiecache
unsigned int m_ext_ip
ContactList m_invisible_list
bool m_invisible_wanted
time_t m_last_server_ping
unsigned short m_lower_port
MessageHandler m_message_handler
string m_password
Buffer m_recv
RequestIDCache m_reqidcache
unsigned int m_requestid
ContactRef m_self
enum ICQ2000::Client::State m_state
Status m_status_wanted
Translator m_translator
unsigned short m_upper_port
bool m_use_portrange
ContactList m_visible_list
bool m_web_aware

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