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void ICQ2000::Client::SendEvent ( MessageEvent ev  ) 

Used for sending a message event from the client. The Client should create the specific MessageEvent by dynamically allocating it with new. The library will take care of deleting it when appropriate. The MessageEvent will persist whilst the message has not be confirmed as delivered or failed yet. Exactly the same MessageEvent is signalled back in the messageack signal callback, so a client could use pointer equality comparison to match messages it has sent up to their acks.

Definition at line 1273 of file Client.cpp.

References ICQ2000::MessageEvent::getType().

    switch (ev->getType()) {

      case MessageEvent::Normal:
      case MessageEvent::URL:
      case MessageEvent::AwayMessage:
      if (!SendDirect(ev)) SendViaServer(ev);

      case MessageEvent::Email:
      //    m_smtp.SendEvent(ev);
      SignalLog(LogEvent::WARN,"Unable to send Email");
      delete ev;


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