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void ICQ2000::Client::fetchDetailContactInfo ( ContactRef  c  ) 

Request the detailed contact information for a Contact. When the server has replied with the details the library will signal a user info changed for this contact.

c contact to fetch info for
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Definition at line 1791 of file Client.cpp.

    if ( !c->isICQContact() ) return;

    SignalLog(LogEvent::INFO, "Sending request Detailed Userinfo Request");

    unsigned int reqid = NextRequestID();
    m_reqidcache.insert( reqid, new UserInfoCacheValue(c) );
    SrvRequestDetailUserInfo ssnac( m_self->getUIN(), c->getUIN() );
    ssnac.setRequestID( reqid );
    FLAPwrapSNACandSend( ssnac );

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